Off duty option for cops

This does not seem to be a big demand but I think it is good to include an off duty option because sometimes people would want to talk to friends, Dance or just play around. Some people thinks that just changing to inmate might solve the issue but honestly no it doesn’t, people gets abused really often and it gets really annoying when the status changes.

Things that off duty cops would/would not have:
-They couldn’t be killed
-They are only allowed to be off duty 10 minutes each 30 minutes
-Off duty cops couldn’t have cuffs or guns
-They must be in a certain area
-Off duty cops couldn’t level up
-They don’t have to use grammar
-Allowed to dance
-Couldn’t troll

Also there should be a /afk command

I agree with everything except the “-Off duty cops couldn’t level up” and “-They must be in a certain area”. Off-duty personnel should be able to roam around while off-duty. As for the level-up part, it doesn’t seem too right. The level system is through time. It wouldn’t be fair to cease it’s function until the personnel goes on-duty.

I think the restircted area is wrong, but how is not getting xp wrong. If they dont work, they get no xp

If you want to be off-duty switch to inmate.

-Dd3819 | W

If you want to be off duty there should be a button that says OFF DUTY

WEll its unfair for the player

How so?

No, switch to inmate team OR the now being new added CIVILIAN TEAM POGGGG :eyes: