Old Warden and Prison Inspector uniforms

I would suggest adding old uniforms for Prison Inspector and Warden, for now the PI rank doesn’t have an blue uniform and it had in former version. Former warden white shirt looked better than the new one and it would be great if it was added again.

Sorry for low quality images


The warden uniform should also have one bar less because it has the same uniform as Chairperson/Facility Director

This is not really needed bec like, just get CP, it’s easy enough

What about the old prison inspector?

Ah yea thats been requested before and we want it to be fixed but is it fixed tho? Wasn’t PI uniform like lower than COMM?

No, COMM uniform has 2 bars and PI has 3.

COMM should have 2 bars,
PI 3 bars
DW 4 bars
W 4 bars + star
Chairperson & 5 bars and star
Chairperson 4 bars + 2 stars
FD 5 bars + 1 or 2 stars.

So they fixed that, good

That, is not going to happen, uniforms are good right now, they follow the LR/MR/HR rank structure