Only ranks for callsign

Hello, so I have been seen SO MANY people that don’t have a correct callsign, I would you developers add a system so the people only can add ranks as callsigns because if we had to staff-warn ALL the people that don’t follow the rules it will be like 700+ warnings of this type. If you add this system I would be very happy with that, thank you.

alexelmejor2017 - Facility Director


I strongly agree. It would really help.


Or just remove the callsigns, I think that’ll be easier so you won’t have to see people with the callsign “pro”.

I disagreee, they are very important, just make them outomatic.

no why who cares about having incorrect callsign like: „LOL” like who needs if its almost useles
well guess callsigns are uselees and are only to speak to someone like why not just use player names (not display names) to communicate

It is important, you ned to knwo who you talking too

Its quite important, if ask a question and an MO with the callsign CAC is going to reply and ill believe that answer


I really agree, just make it automatic, its also annoying to type it everytime, and sometimes it gets my cam stuck if i go in first person before clicking confirm

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Yeah, make them automatic would be a great idea!

I think callsigns are needed to see the rank of the person giving orders.


uhh who cares about rank if there are traits that are important than virtual rank

If I see a CO telling me that I’m doing something wrong, but an CP told me earlier that what I was doing was right, I wouldn’t do that the CO says, if and FD would tell me I was doing something wrong (and the CP told me wrong), I would believe him.

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A CO or ERT member could easily tell you to go into lockdown without callsigns. Using callsigns are not only necessary but incredibly useful for the prison to run smoothly.

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but this is truth and it makes want make a meme on you called „mario destroyer” and its because this forum has no off-topic you should agree to this anyways uhh rank in callsings are pretty kinda same as not having in it

And like sometimes it does not even register or want to confirm it even after a few clicks.
So it also takes more time.

It’s important to.You must have your rank as your callsign.

I know right, Lots of sebee pretenders.

Make that a thing else people will have to open leaderboard to see peoples ranks.