Open Vote kick menu when im pressing (E)

Please include the following in your reports.

  • Im vote kick someone out and i was died from a player and i cant open/close doors. when im pressing (E) the vote kick menu are open. I think is the same with Join new Teams.Hopefully the bug will be fixed soon. When the Bug Happen again then i make a video.
  • Always when im Pressing (E).
  • Start From Bug is in Vote kick room.
  • Proof

It is because when youre still in the menu while dying or switching teams it still thinks youre in hicomm Office or sum. Just run the !rejoin command then.

I can see DWs and Ws using this to VK on the inmate team. Would that be considered VKA?

Im relativily sure it is but im still unsure due to the fact CP can use punish command on inmate team too. But no matter if its VKA or not, youre still abusing a glitch which would fall under cheating through the use of unfair game advantages I think. But not sure about that.