Optimize more the game because lag pls

pls fix lag because i play on mobile and i can’t play without lag pls fix lag and other players can play no lag and nothing to get in the way i love soo much the stateview prison pls fix lag.

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If you are lagging, it is probably 1 of three things;

1 - You have your graphics settings too high for your client to handle
2 - You do not have a stable internet connection
3 - Your device does not have optimal software/hardware to run this game

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I’ve never had any lag, even not when I played on my school pc, the only moments i have lag is when I play on my ipad, which is something like 5 years old.

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I kinda agree, I can’t play it on my tablet at all.

That is your device’s problem, not the game.

Hi @Dabler
It’s your connection problem, not games.

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