Other Ways to get CP from Warden

We can have additional ways on becoming a CP.

Like applying for Staffing, Moderation, and others, maybe we can add on for HRs. Maybe, an application can be hosted about once a month in the Discord Server. This “might” do better than inspections, as you can really see who is fit for the job, not just someone who is good at shooting, but not really good at handling concerns of lower ranks. HR+ in my perspective, are more about the players, rather than the game itself.

I disagree, to pass an inspection you need to be on of the best in that inspection, and applying for it would only cause more people who are just gonna search up the answers to become CP

I don’t think so. If the staff just searches the same stuff and moderates it they can easily avoid this. Although I do think we need additional paths to get to CP because inspections aren’t hosted often and many people can’t afford the gamepass.
-Warden RaeDaElf

Activity is a great way, applying would mean that people who are better at writing applies would have more change of becomIng CP