Patata mode (Optimization mode)

Some people like me with a PC with 4 GB of RAM tend to experience a lot of lag on servers with many people, so I suggest a mode that optimizes as much as possible.

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even with a TON of optimization 4 gigs of ram is not enough to run windows let alone roblox.

Get a better PC, 4gb ram is a bit little for a pc

he would not need a hole new pc, just more ram

@elielpag You should probably get 16 Gigs of ram, I guess you’re on DDR4 ram, Here a good product
Or if you want cheaper ram,

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4Gig of ram is more commonly found on laptops as most PC’s come with 6, 8,16 gigs of ram.

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4 gigs is not enough. The devs can’t do anything to make it less laggy, it’s on your side.