Patrol Log Promotion Set Amount

To get promoted to CP, you should have a certain amount of patrol logs to be promoted. Going on for the other ranks as well. Maybe to get CP, you must have 500 patrol logs. To get FD, you need 1k patrol logs. For a CAC, you would need 1.5k patrol logs. And going on.

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This would be stupid, most people don’t wanna log every time they attend a session, and just log at the end of the day, also, a lot of people really dont feel the need for logging.

And this would make all the other factors, like levels, grammar, and knowledge stop counting.

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Also, this would cause way more CP’s, while there already are WAY too many, and it would make it more “grindy” then the way it is now, people would be more likely to play the game JUST to get CP, and to log as much as possible, we would be getting logs of the same person every 15 minutes or something.

Logs can also be faked. Ineedmorecharacterstoposthisthing

It is alrignt, but I disagree.

I disagree because no one wants to log every single shift they do to get to 500 shifts, it would ruin the game in my opinion.

Exactly, as a warden, I always just logged everything i did at the end of the day, logging every time is just annoying tbh.

For CPs, it is a requirement to log every single shift you host! :confused:

Only the administration Discord. It is used to track activity and quota. We aren’t required to post in patrol logs.

Im late but there is only one person that even made it over 100 patrol logs if im not mistaking.

They could have to record video evidence of logging.

thats crazy no
some ppl don’t like logging their patrol

I created a dm to save all my logs lol.
All my patrol logs:

I hope i get noticed.

Dd3819 (W)

26 isnt bad, keep it up and you’ll get noticed

500?! That’s a crazy amount. I got CP at 32-