People entering the CR

theres been alot of people entering CR like MO-ERT they been entering the CR alot and just abuses lockdown for no reason and it gets annoying. we need to lock the CR that COMM+ can only enter and people dont listen to leave the CR.


Maybe they could enter the room but they can’t use the control room. The control room is connected to cell block and medical officer spawn. This would remove the shortcut and some personel will take a lot of time to go to cell block.

i mean like they go in and abuse lockdown for no reason and they never wanna listen to the higher ranks
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They normally leave the CR when asked, and they do use it as a shortcut from CB also.

Not all of them.
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true not all of them they just come in and abuse lockdown and a COMM+ comes in and tell them to get out of the CR
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Why not have the devs make a barrier and give every one below Commander 5 Tags. You prob don’t know what tags are they allow some to do things and other to not.

And People higher and Comm any number beside the number chosen for people below Comm so only Commander+ can enter and people below HAHA CAN’T ABUSE NO MORE!!!

No, mos use it as a way to enter cb.

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Mhm, if they’d have to walk all the way through the hallways it takes like 3 times as long

@hankschrader911 Good point guys Maybe just make it so that they can’t use control room computer like how the VK system works