Perms for CP to host shifts alone

So i feel like some CPs should be able to host shifts alone, like the CP could get perms from a CAC+ or BOG+ on discord to host alone, this would be good for the CPs who know well how to host shifts alone, and supervisors should only be needed for the new CPs who are quiet new, and wouldnt get the idea of it, this makes CAC+ jobs easier too as they only have to give the perm from discord instead of having to come actually supervise but ofc the perms should only be given to CPs who have hosted enough shifts or have been around for a while.

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I agree! Now a days its hard to host shifts since most CAC+ Are away.

This is kinda impossible since CP is a starter admin rank and CAC+ has to see if you are good enough for the job.


Maybe like a new rank “Senior CP”
if you have this rank it gives you permission to host without a supervisor but the limit is 1 or 2 shifts a day without a supervisor, and this rank would be hard to get.

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It might sound like a good idea to you but CP need supervisors. I think make it so they can get perms to host alone after they have hosted over 5 shifts.

No as a CP myself I’d rather have some FD been given “Supervising perms” So they can supervise CP’s shifts. (Around 20 FD’s would have this.)

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They could also make it that when a CP has hosted over 50 shifts, and has a 5+ streak of an 8+ supervisor grade, they could get perms to host on their own. If they can’t find any CAC-BoG to supervise, if they can find one and they get a grade under 8, they would have to get the streak again.

Omg blub CP :confused: wowwwwww.

Well, nvm this was a long time ago

No they are legit the first rank that is able to host it makes zero sense to let them host alone.

I’m sorry to say this but last time I checked CP don’t have admin so no. Also it’s easier to get a shift supervisor than a training one cause training one take longer. Also how are you meant to get a grade when there is nobody supervising.


That’s basically what FD is. I think it’d be better to give CP the same perms as FD has and have them able to host the shifts with supervisors but the supervisors just are there rather than having to post the messages and lock/unlock SR.

If CPs have the same perms as FD then we wouldn’t NEED A FD
jerryomgxu - FD

how are they supposed to “just be there”. We got a life outside sv and there isnt always someone who can supervise

Yeah I know, when supervisors are available they go and they just watch. Rather than doing the srlock and the messages and the other stuff.