Pickpocketing ruins the game

Please remove pickpocketing, it gets the fun out of patrolling, when you can’t stand still for over 2 seconds without a swarm of inmates being behind your back trying to pickpocket you. The new update has already added a lot of new feature to let inmates escape, so we’re fine if we remove pickpocketing.


miss they can remove it and then ad the old keycard gamepasses back.

It’s true tho…
Remove the pickpocketing

Yeah, I was talking to a guard and a inmate tried pickpocketing me. Remove it stateview.

Then they can’t get out at showers (not opened by guards)

Although many people would argue pickpocketing is frustrating and a bad addition to the game, I would argue they are mistaken. For starters, nobody wants to have team members that are AFK and not doing their job, right? So what better way than to discourage AFK farming and standing around and not doing anything than to add an option for the AFK farmer/lazy officer to lose something, such as a keycard. When you are pickpocketed, it automatically sends a reaction through you to try frisk the inmate as revenge, which increases roleplay and attention to the game. Also, if an inmate does not have the robux to pay for gamepasses, such as the keycard gamepass, this gives them a nice chance to play the game fairly aswell and experience the whole prison riot or prison escape experience, without having to pay.