Player profiles

I was thinking about each player having a viewable profile in game that they could access by clicking on themselves. The profile would include:

-Current Rank
-Trainings CD
-Amount of shifts done (It could be used as proof for being active)
-Amount of Trainings done (It could be used as proof for being active)
-Amount of staff warnings (So the player would be more aware of themselves)

The profile of each player is personal to themselves just incase players want to keep these things personal. Also is anyone under CAC wants to view them they would need to send a request in order to see them.

This would take ages to script, the current logs in discord are close to just as good

What do you mean? Since when did discord have some log system?

  • Sincerely, some random dumb warden named luckymcduckster

Discord > Intel > Session-logs


(Characters pls now now why)

Nvm I was going to say why tf did you revive a dead post but…
Yea since you didn’t know something I won’t shout

What- I made this 10 months ago when I was still a Warden LOL

Not you that ducky guy

I checked the intel server, that isn’t even a channel.

It’s not a channel, it’s a category.

That’s what he was saying dorsal, he’s expecting that “session logs” is a channel not a category, but it’s actually a category, also, this idiot revived another dead post, everyone give him a clap!

:clap: Beautiful! Well done, you revived a dead chat :clap::clap::clap: