[PLEASE VOTE] Idea to make sessions more fun

I feel like we should add gamenights because as an CP i think sessions are only fun for hosts or co hosts. We should afford cheap private servers from group funds or use free private servers in other games than Stateview Prison. A gamenight would take 20-1h and it will show activity same if you get hardest worker in shift. This would be first thing that would happen outside SV prison game, but however, it’s worth it! Is it better to spam in radio to get HW or have fun in game like Plane Crazy?

  1. This is a good suggestion; I used to be a member of the Events Team and can agree that they should add game-nights again. Unfortunately, the Events Team was removed - hopefully they do reconsider adding back the Events Team because it used to be fun having game-nights
  2. Private servers used to be free but they are not for free anymore