Possibility of putting your hands up

Hello i think the possibility of putting your hands up for prisoners and criminals would improve the PR of the game. This functionality would work by activating a key on its example keyboard: h


This idea would be great! It would really improve the roleplay


don’t. Strongly agree, this would be awsome.

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Yes I agree it would improve roleplay.

I think what should happend is that when you have put you hands up you can’t be shot ab bit like being in cuffs and you can activate a tool either.

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would mean negociations or surrender right?

I think you should be able to be shot, but not killed. And if you press to put them down, it should take 5-10 seconds and you will be able to be shot during that time. Also, you should move slow with hands up.

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I love the idea because sometimes when I run away and see 4 guards with rifles I stop running and bend down to do the rp, but I end up dead.

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