Possible Weapon Racks

I think there should be a weapon rack recently I have been playing a game called halo infinite and I think a feature in the game where at FOBs (Foward operating bases) there are weapon dispensers where I think this could be in every spawn other than the medical spawn it would work like this

When I interact with it a GUI or If the devs think a chat is more realistic or whatever they choose
it would display the weapons available to me currently making it so if I am a PC (I AM NOT IN-GAME A PC) I can use ERT team and still use the AKM by using this system

Leave your Thoughts on this

It really isn’t a bad idea, but I feel this is a gun involved type of idea which would relay into a war-ish category if that makes sense. It could be used for ERT, but since you have to be level 4 (?) they may tend to abuse it. So, maybe just for the people who are way up there, CP, FD, and what not.

It might make the game glitchy tbh

Yeah, that is a realistic stand point. More lag/ and/ or being glitch would reduce player count.

True True but the rank will be where you can see the M4A1’s in all spawns so they can use the same model except put in the glock and stuff maybe add in pickpockets like jailbreak?

I don’t think we should COPY jailbreak because stateview is a original game and we don’t want to be a ripoff

This isn’t needed, every team has the tools correct.

Co- Glock, handcuffs taser
Ert- m4, Glock, taser, handcuffs, shield
Mo- Glock, handcuffs taser medkit
High command- everything

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Okay so a medical officer has a boombox (if they bought the gamepass) IT would not make sense because we spawn if it’s a roleplay we should at least have our guns on our backs like for example…

CO - Glock on one side and taser on the other and handcuffs by the glock and when we take out the item it disappears on the body

(Maybe a update for the medkit look-wise?)
MO - I don’t know what to do here

ERT - The M4A1 on the back Glock on the side and taser on the other side of the waist and handcuffs (idk where the handcuffs should go)

HiComm - I don’t know because they have everything it would be impossible to fit everything on one character