Prison rules layout and tools revamp

Civilian Team
The civilian team can roam the city and can be granted permission to roam the prison | Off duty Cops or Guest
Inmate roaming update

  1. Guards can get levels by guarding posts and checkpoints inmates can roam around the prison but not pass red lines which are trespass zones the zones are to be guarded by CO+. inmates are able to roam between the status themselves but at each gate, there are guards granting them passage, for example, I am inmate the status changes for lunch I ask a guard to pass through the checkpoint and they grant passage and I move.

Danger Level rules

  1. If you give a danger level you must add a reason and the inmate needs to be in cuffs to do so.
  2. only W+ may give a danger level above 2
  3. If an inmate dies or rejoins with less than 3 danger levels it will reset back to 0.
  4. if a cop is abusing for the 4th warn they can be cuffed by a W+ and taken to Timeout cells inside of HC office.
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No because abuse and not prison roleplay anymore. In my opinion, bad idea

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Can you explain to me how you see it as abuse so maybe I can revise my idea to fit your needs

People would attend the tryout and then abuse the rank


Hmm, I see what you’re saying but either way we will face abusers, and it’s our job as W+ to deal with them.
If you can provide a solution to your problem I will make the change

I suggest that the SP team is not needed because we don’t need a team in the city if it’s a prison roleplay.

Also for danger levels, DWs will abuse

And letting Ws cuff DWs sounds kinda stupid as well as there might be abuse.

But what about banks and citizens you think it should be a military prison border ish type game

I say no because a whole new currency system and robberies and all that, that’s not the point of this game. This game is a PRISON roleplay, not a robbery game

I agree and I will change that part but what’s your opinion about inmate roaming rules?

Having a neutral/civilian team would be ok though, and could sorta be an off duty team that can roam the city.

So I made it to where only W+ can remove Danger Levels and Add them but also a required reason I also removed the ERT and SP requirements and team from the post.

I do not thing wardens should be able to cuff other officers, not should danger levels be reset on death because of heavy gun abuse.

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Also the whole topic of danger levels is a little unnecessary, we have warnings already and I think that’s good enough

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I stated if a danger level is below three meaning 1-2 it will reset
heavy guns like an M4a1 attack will get you 3-4 and a Glock 2-3 a keycard 1-2

We don’t need to implement danger levels. We can just put them in max/sol and do it again if they dare use their tools

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alr I will remove danger levels what about inmate roaming and guards at each gate even hall way gates. @ILikeTrains3735

Depends, this could be a good thing and a bad thing, wait for other people to reply

Stop Arguing don’t cause a problem