“Promo Suggest” Idea

I’m Gployee! I am a Creative Director and Supervisor in another game and thought that I would share my ideas with the community to make the game better! I have leadership experiences and I was think of adding a section in our discord server “promo suggest”. Many times in this game, I have always been putting in effort to make the environment in the prison favourable for everyone but was never once noticed. So I think this idea would be a good one.


Which game are you Creative Director and Supervisor?

Which community are you in?
That Is the thing we really need to know (:slight_smile:

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What game are you leadership in?


IloIlo Airport, that’s the game I’m highest in rank among all the other games.

Why are you in a prison game if you work for the airplane team

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That game looks like it scam players, its game-passes are very vague. How do I know you did not buy a rank, since you can buy CO-OWNER. What rank are you even? This game is even more Pay2Win than Stateview. In Stateview the most you can buy is FD and they are limited in ability. And FD costs a ton more than CO-OWNER in that game. Very suspicious game and it looks like it scams, your rank is probobly bought.

P.S. The has like 1/3 the players of stateview.

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Usually they will buy it so owner can get money and plus admin cmds so they can abuse and ect.

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@Dark_Killer_Leader Agree, stateview is not nearly this Pay2Win

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Besides he can get banned and lose all his power just because of the owner

Yes, because unless you earn it, and work to keep it, nothing is certain

Oh and by the way, I just saw deciving advertising for the game.

You can buy CWOTB from monke smh

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I think it should be given to FD+

pretty good idea wobop2009 (deputy warden)