Promotion from Warden to Facility Director

So, there was recently an update making Chairperson claimable at Level 128. However, after making a poll, Jimmy decided to revert that update.
Now, I was wondering, if you were a Warden, and weren’t a high enough Level to claim Chairperson, do you have to attend an Inspection or Training or Promotional Shift in order to become a Chairperson and then be able to get noticed, or can you get noticed and become Facility Director from Warden?
I was wondering as it wasn’t very clear to me, I searched it up but didn’t find anything usefull.

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You gotta get noticed or pass an inspection and then get noticed again to become fd. You cant get fd directly from warden except you buy it

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Thank you for helping me!

Cough Cough Free Ranking…

skoseck - Chairperson

That always gets reverted but ok

True it does always gets reverted

Either Alex or Frankie’s gonna revert it