PRS (Player Run Servers)

So, I had an Idea for the past few days and decided to post It here, My Idea Is Player Run Servers (PRS), Players can make their OWN SERVERS, Which anyone can join via a menu, Unless the server Is marked private, Owners of servers can add tags, The limit would probably be 5-10 Tags, Owners can mark these servers as: Strict, Or Non-Strict. If you believe It should be a gamepass, I reccomend a Pricetag of 250-500 Robux, The owners of these servers will get owner admin, Then If they want, They can get mods for their own server, Since they have these commands. This will create heavily moderated strict Roleplay servers.

Isnt this alreqdy a thing? I noticed, people got creat server commands, Idrk what they do tho.

No, we aren’t a big game like erlc, if half of the people gets in private servers, there wont be enough normal players left

Yes, there is a createserver command but its blacklisted so dont use it

Yeah, I thought it was. But frankie used it for his inspection, didnt he?