Punishment for begging for sessions

Make it so that we can punish people who beg for sessions cause it’s annoying.




agreed; i get so many dms “pls host a training” by a lot of wardens, it is so annoying especially when i’m in-game, they expect me to host when im just tryna play as inmate. and also, even when im on loa they decide to disturb me, they ping me in main server “@Mars_Corporation DMS”, they cant even see i have the Leave of Absence role on me

ong me too





I’m not even CP, I’m SI, but this should be abolished contact the government to ban this. Like I hate when I’m just talking with a CP or FD then a PI comes up saying shift? like bro.

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This even happens to me. I am a SI and sometimes when I’m just enjoying the game this random PI comes and asks me to host a shift. Like I don’t even have time to reply. I waste ALL my time responding to him. This should definitely be added and a rule like this should be clearly stated in spawns or even outside/inside of the session room.

I disagree cuz every hungry played would be banned

that would be a good thing


I agree even if i got demoted this post was relatable(i am SI now😭)

Hello, I believe that punishment should be added, but not so severe punishment. Suspension for 2-3 sessions, in my opinion. And a strike, but that’s your call, and the owners’.

There’s already a rule for hr that links in with this “Disturbing HR”, but there should be enough session already being hosted for them not to be asking.

I have a few reasons why this would harm the game.

  1. You’re punishing active players.

  2. You can just close to DM if you don’t want to host.

  3. There isn’t a reason for this, annoying HRs is already a thing and if it gets bad and your a MR just use a dandy discord feature called “block”.

Community Management High Command

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What if it’s in the game?


If it’s in the game just say “no” it shouldn’t be that big of a deal

And that’s the correct answer!

As an SI, I agree because when I was a low rank up to commander I am guilty of asking a few times for sessions but not full on begging. I think asking politely once is fine but if they say no then walk off and leave it.

We definitely need this. Because I fr hate it when some kid in the server just comes and begs for a training when they know that it’s so annoying to beg for one.

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