Punishment for leaving while being vote-kicked

I’ve dealt with may people who have abused there powers. So when I vote-kick them, usually people COMM+ would see the notification and immediately leave the game or rejoin, and it’s that simple to dodge the vote-kick. So since other games like Emergency Response Liberty County have scripts were if you leave while in combat or in cuffs, it will punish you. So I would like a script like that, except it will log you when you leave and will punish you if you weren’t kicked by the vote-kick, like a temporary ban for like 3 days. This would be very useful in preventing people from just easily dodgeing vote-kicks. Also add so that people being vote-kicked cant see that there being vote-kicked.

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What if you disconnect while the votekick is on going? You would get banned for 3 days for something you didn’t mean to do.


DEFINITELY NOT, in the end, they left so problem fixed, ofcourse, they aren’t serverbanned but still. The amount of VKAs to happen is way too big, as pretty sure 50+% of all DWs+ have VKAed at least once

Don’t do that.What if you get disconnected or you have to go.That would be unfair.

Atleast 95% when someone leaves while being vote-kicked, they do it on purpose, so the ban is appealable.