Put the M4 givers/armories in the small hallway towards spawns instead of spawn itself

I think the title is a bit confusing so I will explain.
These are the M4 givers:

When inmates or criminals go near these, they get an M4 in their inventory. This allows them to get the weapon without buying a gamepass. A lot of criminals go to the spawns to get these weapons since the AKM is far from accurate and just isn’t viable for mid range.

The problem with this is obvious. These M4 givers are in the CO and ERT spawn. This can be really annoying because you’ll die, respawn and die again instantly because the criminal wants to get the M4 safely. This puts pressure on criminals and annoys staff.

One weird thing is that both spawns have small hallway.

My recommendation is to put the M4 givers in the middle of these.


  • Staff will not be annoyed as much since criminals are more likely to just grab it and leave.
  • Criminals aren’t pressured to be fast so they don’t get votekicked for spawn-camping.
  • It’s a much better position in general.


  • The M4 is a bit easier to get.
  • Officers not closing doors will be more infuriating.

I believe this change would improve the prison raiding experience and the “taking a breath after getting killed by 5 criminals” experience.

Greekui9ii3 - Facility Director

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This idea is a small one but a very useful one. It will stop inmates/criminals from entering spawn and will greatly reduce spawn killing (though it will still exist.) I can definitely see this happening. Great suggestion!

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Just make criminals unable to deal damage to guards at spawn