Put trainings on a schedule

It would be amazing if trainings were put on a schedule it wouldn’t have to be exact but it would mean that you don’t have to constantly check the discord to find you have just missed the start of the session. You would just know that you could check a spreadsheet to find when the next training is on, staff you’ll have to add their training/sessions at least one day before they want to host, so staff would send in a request to someone via Google forms, then the person puts the training on the spreadsheet. It would make it a lot easier for people trying to attend trainings/sessions.

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I think they should give some Maybe CP or FD+ a timezone they should work on and in the discord in sessions the page would be there with each time zone and when your next timezones training is

I don’t think this is a good idea because:

  1. I as a CP don’t like to host at around a exact time, I just host /co-host when I am free.

  2. That’s a extra task for all FD+, they would need to publicly share their email adress so they can edit it but… the people who just view it can see some of their details on Google sheet/docs.

  3. Most session times are completely RANDOM so we would need to make a big change.

  4. This puts us under pressure due to the fact that we need to be hosting a session at around that tins

Overall, I don’t really like this :confused:

I see the comments here and I have a suggestion (this requires the creation of another role and maybe a channel “Training Pings”).

(8 minutes will be used in this idea)
8 minutes before training were to start, a ping would be sent out to people who would want to be pinged for trainings. They would prepare or miss it. It is how it has worked except without warning. Not a specific time would be set for the training, but when you already planned on a training, you send a message in the training ping channel.

No no i mean they are assinged a timezone and they may only host around that time zones time like in America NJ it may be 10:00 to 2:00 what ever is good with the people they assign

As I said, we normally host randomly at random times so if it is like midnight but we still want to host then why create a restriction?

Because not many people will join at midnight

No, it’d be literally torture for FDs


Agreed, we really don’t like being forced to host at a time…

It would not be amazing, Frankie tried to implement something like this and i was literally hours away from resigning before it was removed. CP+ Do not plan their entire days around stateview.


Ok, but if there was a way to notify people 10 mins before a training started like what @twistedwaterbottle said so we would at least be alerted 10 mins before it starts without having to constantly check discord.

Right, it’s much more flexible to your schedule. And, if you absolutely must cancel, you send out the ping and say that training is canceled. Which also leads me to a format, it’s pretty basic and I’m not too sure about it:
@Training Pings
(Game link)
(Identification word):
It would essentially be a guide to what message to click on to join the trainings, so players don’t get lost. It will require for the format in the sessions channel to be adjusted to include an identification word on both the message in sessions and in the message in training pings. But I am iffy on this due to it requiring the one more thing you would have to type. Which, there is already a substantial amount. Let me know, please don’t curse me out for suggesting a format lol

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Well a problem is what if alot of CP+ wanna host why not add one SR to the map? it wouldn’t be THAT chaotic right because yeah if 2 people are hosting shifts and one where someone who started theirs way earlier calls them back people who weren’t there before will get res but it’s not THAT problematic and Maybe at least Inspections on a Schedule I actually don’t know if there already is one let me though if there is a schedule for inspections if not there should at least be that

This would mainly be for trainings and not necessarily for shifts

Good point, well i don’t have any other ideas

No, even for trainings it would be absolutely useless. No sessions schedule is needed.

Hell no we dont need another sr. The system we have right now works fine.

Fair point fair point, it can be hard for people to find servers to host in along with getting a supervisor can be some work another SR would help but okay I have seen somemany like ERT - DW wanna get in a shift or something but every single time the SR is locked or something like a FD or what ever rank get SRlock is just hanging out with like 5 inmates or officers so that would help or because that just mean because they go in the corner where no one can see their names and usually make it so where they seem AFK or smth then just hang out with friends and sense no one can see their users HOW THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED tO DO SOMEtHING ABOUT IT!?! Like at least make it so the camera can see the user clearly


1, Tortue
2, Too lazy to host.
3, Could make them demoted.

So I would recommend annoucement nofications on #sessions instead.

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Yea, FDs rlly wouldnt like this

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