Question about resignation

So I have recently learned that as a HR you can resign. The thing that I am wondering about is the choices that you could take. You could become an inmate, or become an SI. If you become an inmate, would it reset all of your ranks and you’d have to start back at CAO? If it is that, what is the point? You can always be on the inmate team no matter what.


Well, you could reinstate if you meet the requirements for doing so.

You would become a “Respected Inmate” and gain respect from other staff LR,MR,HR,SHR,SVL.

But would that mean that you reset your entire rank?

If you were PC+, yeah. If not, you may only resign to SI or LSI.

If you decided to not reinstate, yeah.

People resign so that they wouldn’t need to do anything.

it’s not only pc+ an FD got ri before and have been reinstated

That’s extremely unlikely.