Questions for all

If you have any questions, just reply with your questions here! (Dont reply to questions as I will solve them). I hope I can answer all of your questions!

How can I post a topic myself? Have I been on SV Forums long enough to post one?

You first need to go into Stateview Discussion or which ever place you want to post it in and then press the button on the bottom left to make a post hope this helps.

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Please let me reply to questions. Thank you.

this is why the community support section exists

It is a section where players can get support from the community or give support to others.

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i mean this post is pointless because community support exists and the questions thread also exists in the discord server

Well, people can get answers to questions from a very smart player…

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they can get answers from the entirety of stateview if they just ask it in the questions thread on the discord server

They can also ask here anyway…

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How do you operate the cameras? I have tried the arrow keys, but they don’t work. How do you do it?

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Q and E



Can somebody give me a list of all the weapons in the game?

Glock 17
Glock 43
Honey Badger


How do you join a training session

When someone wants to host a session, they will post it on the communications server, It will include a way to join. FD+ may host a training, but they need a CAC+ Supervisor.

May I repeat. Please do not answer questions here in my post.

A better explanation would be: First join the group and then get any rank CAO+. When a FD+ wants to host, they will make calls. Then you would be authorized to go to the session room and attend the training.

Chairperson can host too… They are allowed to host shifts. Don’t ask other people to refrain from answering if you do not know the answers yourself.

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He was talking about trainings. Don’t criticize people if you don’t know yourself.