"R/AITA" - Question about prisoner shooting during an evacuation

Won’t call out the chairperson by name unless asked, but yesterday during an evacuation a prisoner who either wasn’t frisked, or purchased a gun started shooting officers during an evacuation while outside. This chairperson (i believe was the host, also SV admin/OC) then upon the prisoner’s death & respawn attempted reprimanding that prisoner, saying they were “disrupting the session.” Is this actually the case? Because if that logically follows, it would seem any trouble by a prisoner during any lockdown drill (which is inevitable) is also “disrupting a session”???

If I’m correct in my assumption that chairperson was misinformed, and anyone above chairperson wishes to educate that individual, i’m happy to PM their username or whatever is desired.

I honestly believe that the CP is in the wrong but I can verify this is one os Stateview’s dumb rules such as not allowing people under 13 to play but not having the age limit status sent to that.