Rains Toggle On/Off

Have a toggle that can turn the rain effect on/off.
I’m an FD and it’s very annoying for me since it’s really making me lag every time there is rain.
Sometimes my Roblox even crashed during a Shift I was hosting because it was raining!

It would be cool if you could add a toggle to turn the rain on/off.
Especially for players that don’t have a good graphics card or don’t have any at all.

johnchris22314 - Facility Director

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Or make it render only if you are close to it.

What do you mean? It’s a rain, the rain is for the whole game just not inside the prison (but inside the SR and I think it will get fixed) and most of the time it gives me less fps every time it rains and I’m outside the prison patrolling my attendees.

Yes, but they could make it so rain that more than 10-15 blocks from you does not render, or at least make it toggleable to do that.

Then how’d you see if there is a rain? And I think that is a bit unrealistic.