Raise age needed to join game!

So not to get confused I am not saying you must be older to play state-view

I am saying make it that accounts must be lets say 6 months old+ to become a co+ to help stop alt accounting. I know this would hurt the growth of the game a little but would make it much harder for abusers.

leave your thoughts!

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I strongly disagree. It would lead to people to leave roblox becouse they can’t play the game that their favourite youtuber sebee plays. Your account also needs to be 30+ days old to do the CO quiz



This isnt a bright idea. It can be annoying when there is people who dont understand but we need more people and a lot of kids come to the game as an inmate or even a guard!

I think this is a great idea! As a Warden I see many CO who abuse and don’t bother with the rules.

I believe that the 30 days needed to do the quiz is enough. Also most people have accounts for over 6 months anyway so it really wouldn’t stop anyone.

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30 days sounds good i admit 6 months+ would be very harsh

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I strongly disagree. My account is near a year old but most people have an account around 4 months old.


ther’rye not abusing , they are just messing with the controls to get used to the game.


I don’t agree with this made a account just for stateview Prison but can’t play yet

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