Raising Rank Limits

Simple and easy, raise the CAC and PC rank limits by like 10. I understand, this is a big change but with CAC full and people not seeming to be looked at for PC along with it being almost full, the ranks at the higher end of the MR/HRs are full. When these ranks entirely fill up and people can’t get promoted, they will stop playing. People won’t play without having a sense of progress and achievement. Along with that people play to be able to have more abilities, like becoming CP and being able to host/co host and FD+ having admin in game. If people cannot obtain these things they simply won’t play. To continue to be active means continuing to adapt, making this change is adapting to having more members and more active MR+ users. This change may be large, but it’s a small change compared to some things people are wanting.


I 100% agree
They really should raise the rank limits

Holy jesus finally a forum you agree with it’s rare honestly.

Lol this is just so funny


Wtf 10
currently PC isnt even full

Honestly the problem are the CAC+ who go in game just to do their quota, then do NOTHING (no depts, punishments, game activity) for the rest of the week

I’m mainly meaning CAC, PC should go up like 3-4 once they fill it for a while.

Hmmmm ok ya that’s true
They should raise CAC quota to 3 or somethin

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To add on, as of now in the group it goes from 56 FDs to 18 CACs, pretty big jump. More spots should be opened like they did for FD a while ago.

My honest answer is just no, not needed. So if you can’t be promoted cause of a rank limit too bad. Even increasing the rank limit there will be another stage like this were you would want to increase it again.

Just no finally answer.

dramaking125, former Chairperson.

It’s part of making the community more adapted to having more members. More members = more staff = more MRs + HRs needed.

You really said why i left the game for 4 month lol

Wot the ■■■■, why did you revive a 3 month dead post just to say some weird ■■■■

I 100% agree They need to be active in game and not just for quota.