Rank claiming not working (again)

So I got a LOT of people in my dms complaining about being unable to claim ranks. There already was a topic on this when the update dropped (Rank claiming not working) but since it was reverted the same bug seems to be back.

So basically rank claiming doesnt work, I dont got any proof since im not risking to lose my rank but many many people complained over this and Im pretty sure its because of the reverted update

A big problem with the ranking bot then

Yeah I’m pretty sure the ranking bot broke yesterday.

Ranking Bots are down
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skoseck -Chairperson

Who’s freaks?

Freaks is an FD. Gimmemorecharacters.

Rip how do you not know who freak is

tbh idk half of the fds anymore nowadys. we got like 50 or sth idk

Wow bruh
(More characters :moyai: :moyai: :moyai:)

The important thing is that you know the ones of the smiley council.


Oh the smily council?
No I don’t like the smily council