Ranking permissions questions

Do BoG have perms to do FD-CAC promotions, CAC-PC promotions? Do CoS have perms to do PC-BoG promotion? Do CoS+ have perms to do CP-FD promotions without others High Ranks agreement? Can an leadership member promote another leadership? (Example: BoD doing BoG-CoS promotion). Do CAC have perms to terminate, suspend, demote or staff warning someone? If yes, do they need higher ranks approval?

Hello! I am a FD here at Stateview. And I’m here to help you answer your question. CAC can promote all LRs and SI without permission from PC+. PC+ can promote SI and CP. BOG can promote FD and COS can promote CAC and PC. I hope this answers your question!

Yes, you helped me a lot, I just didnt understand if CACs can suspend/demote/staff warn/terminate or if they need approval. Besides that, you helped me to understand the promotion thing. Thank you

Me again! CAC need approval to demote/suspend/terminate from PC+

Okay, thanks for the help ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ