Ranking System Fixing

The ranking system literally just ranked me as commander when I was DW, fix it bc I accidentally claimed it just make it 6 clicks when trying to claim a rank, I wish you could fix it. Hope for the best and ALSO, rank me back as DW because I went through many trainings.

그건 "당신"의 문제입니다, 죄송합니다, 선생님. 네 잘못이야.

Its ok.
I need the rank back and a moderator to reply.

We frequently encounter situations where players select a lower rank, assuming that they will automatically be re-ranked due to their “mistake.” However, it’s crucial to understand that this is not the case. Regrettably, you will retain your current rank until you are re-promoted, regardless of any lower-level selection.

sht I just revived a dead post

“7 months later…” :skull:


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