Ranks too hard to get

Maybe rank more people that can’t get ranked in training I’ve been very long warden and it really is hard which is the problem i mean it takes so long.

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It is supposed to be hard, CP is an admin and can host things.

I think it should even become harder, not harder in the “be active and getting noticed” way, but it should be harder in the inspections/rpc/promoshift way, as I dont think you should be able to get CP by just attending a session.

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You have to show your activity and get trusted. You will also have to show you are capable to get promoted. Those are important if you want to become a CP. I would suggest posting your patrols in the patrol logs channel in the Stateview discord, it helps. You should also attend all knows of sessions as it will help you get noticed as an active individual.


Ranks are suppose to be earned by time and dedication. I recently just got a promotion to Deputy Warden and this was after joining Stateview 1-2 months ago. So ranks cant just be given away or made easy, or people are eventually going to abuse there ranks.

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I agree partly but Only for getting Ranks such as CP, FD, CAC+

Welp, met the same problem but some high levels would say you must learn from the game not grind the levels.

Ya i feel you.