Re-add the Sessions room's border

The Sessions room’s border was removed in the new update. But that has caused so many problems. Criminals and Inmates now raid sessions, they can shoot through the Sessions room lock border, killing the Host, Co-Host, Supervisor and attendees making sessions impossible. You can look in ban logs, more than half of the bans there are about Session raiding. Criminals raiding the Sessions room forced my Shift to cancel today. Criminals and Inmates also can’t do much past the Sessions room other than raid.


And it’s really difficult to get proof for your ban log since they just zip by fast.
Sure kicking them works but it doesn’t change much in the long run.

It’s embarassing to see even Wardens raiding the SR.

Yes, i agree its so annoying when someone raiding SR.
Signed. ilya232245 (W)

Every session I’ve seen someone has done srlock

Has been better recently, but inmates and criminals can still shoot through the border.