Reasons to turn on/off an LD

What are a few reasons to turn on/off the LD? Because when I play, much people say that I’m not allowed to turn on the LD. So my question is. What are a few reasons?


Reasons to turn on LD,
Lockdown Code Yellow (Y) - There is a massive riot of 4+ raiding criminals. 10 Minutes maximum.
Lockdown Code Red (R) - There is a massive riot of 7+ raiding criminals. 20 Minutes maximum.
Lockdown Code Black (B) - There is a massive riot of 11+ raiding criminals. 40 Minutes maximum.
Also If there is a massive riot of inmates
jerryomgxu - FD (very pro)


Thank you, Jerry!

Signed, robloxe00755 PI - DW (veri pro)

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