Red line, which shows that Solitary/Max is ERT+

At the Solitary Confinement, and Maximum Security cells, it is ERT+, yet, it is not marked anywhere on or near it, and it causes confusion amon Correctional Staff, who break the rules without even knowing because they didn’t read the rules, or a document that says that, i’m confused on why this wasn’t already added.


Well I know that this would help a bit but there are a fiew problems with that. One is right now the red lines meen lethal force so that would not be good.

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Well, not with red lines. Like with yellow or something whatnot already used.

omfg dude this has been dead for 8 months, we didnt need to bring it up again

I do think we should, I really like this suggestion but sadly, sadly max is now not rank locked anymore. :frowning_face_with_open_mouth: