Reduce the cooldown of the Janitor's Keycard respawn

I think that the Janitor’s Keycard respawn is way too long! I think we should reduce them or add a counter in the HC offices like the Max/Soli cooldown.


Nah it’s already as it is. The devs don’t want everyone to have the janitor card.

But do you think adding at least a counter will be easier?

Nah there is already a shelf for it to spawn.

But, you are right maybe they could change it to the table with the computer in the HR room?

He wasn’t talking about a ‘counter’ that you put stuff on, he was referring to a ‘counter’ to count down the time until the card respawns.

The reason why the timer is set so long, is to prevent people from shutting off the power too often.

I won’t think there would be a countdown because if there is a countdown there should only be a countdown for when the next status is.

And if he was talking about a counter he should say countdown timer.

I don’t even know where the janitor’s keycard even spawns.

Its much better to keep it due everyone will have the card and just will keep messing with power, it will be so annoying. So its better gto keep as it is now.

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The key is at the HR left office.

My apologies for the misspell! ^^’

bumping this, I really hate how long it takes to respawn,

why revive…. This is why we need to add a max reply time….

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Grrrrrr, you necroposed you will not be forgiven.

Lol I thought necroposting was only a problem on Scratch

You guys just revived a dead post from 3 years ago! XD

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No it’s already good as it is.