Reduce the time of leveling up

I recommend this cause it takes too long to get one level, some people who are students can’t grind that much and it is too time-consuming, I would suggest you can reduce the time of earning one level to half an hour per level.

You can also try reducing the time of one period like lunch, cell block, shower etc.

No, levels are supposed to be so that you learn something in the time playing, you dint need to grind, just attend trainings.

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I’m a student and I’m level 170…

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wow cool but damn that must take a long time

Hello, I think it’s ok that to level up you need to play 1 hour, it’s because if levelling up is less, people won’t learn a lot and higher ranks will be easier to get. I’m at level 199 and yes, I’m a student, I never farmed because, and I learned a lot while I was playing and levelling up. :slight_smile: