Reinstate hinting rule

Many people should know now that the hinting rule was removed. I agree that people shouldnt get punished for something they didnt even know it was a rule or didnt intend to hint. But please do it so that if youre intentionally hinting e. g. “I have so many patrol logs and the HRs should’ve noticed me already”, then I think they shoul be punished. This is my personal opinion.


I agree, tbh we should change the rules, DW- below can say whatever they want about ranks, W+ cant ask for ranks/rlly attempting to get it trough hinting, they should be allowed to spam #meforpromo at the end of a session though as it annoys no one


Yes, that would be very good. DW- cant get noticed either way so it doesnt matter if they hint. If W+ really annoy anyone, for example spamming a HR that he needs to look at his patrol logs, than that should be punishable. Else they can say #ROADTOCP or something like that.

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@Blub20074 & @hankschrader911 How do you get a Regular next to your name?

Dd3819 (W)

U first need to become a regular, then click on ur pfp, summary, title

@Blub20074 how do i get regular?

I am kind of split on this.
People venting all over the place about still not getting a promotion should be punishable. Keep it to yourself, everyone has that kind of moment.

On the other hand, the rule has a major punishment yet is extremely vague. Depending on the person, you may be punished for demanding a promotion, you may be punished for asking, you may be punished for saying “#RoadToCP” or say to somebody you hope you get eventually promoted and somebody sees it in chatlogs, you may be punished for asking somebody else how they got their rank and ask for a tip, you may be punished for simply implying in the tiniest way or saying #BlubForPC or something.
It’s really not clear what hinting is. All you have to decide is from 2 words: Rank & hint. So only punishing the more extreme cases it might be good.

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Yeah, taht was my basic idea. Frankie removed it because he dont want people to get punished who didnt intend to do anything and its a minor infraction. Still, I think for clearly hinting there should be a punishment. Just like saying “OMG I HAVE SO MUCH PATROL LOGS WHY AM I NOT NOTICED ALREADY?!” or something similar.

You get regular by being active in this forum. You need specific stats like replying to many topics and posts, liking and getting liked and stuff. Im not sure if you can only be promoted by staff in this forum or by stats, not sure.

I spent 3 hours looking at the forums when i am bored everyday, lol.

Dd3819 (W)

Ya get regular by being for about a month no spam flags or 4 capped
20 or 30 hearts given and 15 hearts given to you. There might be more but this is all I remember.

In the discord a person just flooded chat with constantly saying “me for CP” and izzya, jam and a few other people wanted to punish them but they cant. Just reinstate this rule please.


Agreed, I don’t want some W coming up to me and saying “Oh yeah I attended a lot of shifts and got a tonna hardest workers. I also helped in so many trainings but I still haven’t gotten promoted!!!”. You will earn the rank you deserve in time and due cause. If you helped and got hardest worker so many times, it won’t be long before a CAC+ notices you

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Also the hinting rule was long ago reinstated

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