Remove all tools from Cadets until level 3(CO)

Hello, Forum members,

This is my suggestion in order to trim down cadets abusing. If we remove all tools from them, they won’t be able to abuse and the will have to learn the procedures of the prison by watching others play such as Commanders, PI’s, DW’s etc. This would also give them the necessary knowledge needed for when they get promoted to a higher rank. Basically, before they can officially become an officer, they can ask questions to other people about how the game works and etc… so they don’t just put a random inmate in max for no reason.
Please respond to this as I think this could be a great idea and I want yall’s feedback.


idk if that’s really a good idea i mean they can’t prevent inmates from escaping or punching also during raids they wouldn’t be able to do anything and also that would be really boring

Yes, but it would teach them the rules and although it’s boring, at least they will know what to do.

it would be the same expierince as an inmate basically also how do they know they will get tools at lvl 3 and assume they won’t and leave?

First, level 3 is CAO CAO’s get Glocks. They would probably notice if they looked at other CAO’s

Tbh this is too much, most new players will probably quit.

Ok I like this.

Yeah I like this too.

Maybe we can give them cuffs but, it only cuffs inmates for a limited amount of time.

that still isn’t really good i would just keep it the way it is

CAOs don’t get glocks. That’s why you hear a million new CAOs asking you how to get a gun.

thats what i meant when i said how would they know they would get tools later if they still ask u how to get a gun

Or how about we give them a video to watch and a new test to teach them about the day to day operations

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How would we do that?

Make it like show an FD+ on how they patrol the prison etc

how tho


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wait was the character limit changed?

Not for me.

Yes, this was exactly what I was think also!

L3 is co


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