Remove cadets having cuffs

IM ACTUALLY SO TIRED OF THEM ABUSING AND PUTTING ME IN MAX FOR NO REASON, then i cant get out for 20 mintues because of that stupid bug where it always puts me in max security every time i rejoin, even if im not even an inmate

Although some cadets may abuse their authority, it is unlikely that the cuffs will be removed from cadets.


Agreed some cadets are very honest to thier work and never abuse, although most of them do but the rest dont.


90% of cadets are abusers. (characters)

Do you have any proof to back up that claim?

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Yeah I’m only SI I can’t do anything with them abusing when I join Inmates!

Record and report in the intel server.

Then what? They just make new accounts and keep going.

It’s obvious, and if you need proof for that, I don’t know what to tell you.

I am unsure if it is a bug that you get put into max when you leave. I think you’re supposed to be there the entire time you’re placed there, so I think it’s so people won’t just leave to avoid punishment yk.

This was a huge problem earlier on, where raiders raided the prison, and just rejoined when put in max and sol. Then they could continue afterwards. So I think it’s there to prevent this mass raid.

I asked for proof for a claim his claim was exaggerated a lot.

This is not a bug but a feature used to prevent people leaving when put in sol/max for the right reasons

It said that I got out while detained, which isn’t true, it was out of max/solitary and it still puts me in there.