Remove CP gamepass

It’s been a while and every time there are reforms so many CP are reformed and honestly I never even saw some of them host before or even just trying to show activity. Here are some reasons why I think the CP game-pass should be removed.

  1. It’s unfair because they take up spots for CP while the people that actually deserves them never get noticed or never even got the chance. (Also this is one of the reasons why many Wardens quit)

  2. It’s makes the creators act like they are trying to scam players (Don’t get me wrong, I know the creators aren’t scammers) since just a few months later the rank buyers get reformed and start blaming the game for making them waste 8500 robux on a rank and get reformed right after.

  3. The rank buyers set a bad example to players and make them think that robux solves the problem. This is setting a horrible example making some younger kids think that robux is literally life and setting it a number one priority.

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This is a repeated post.


#SEARCHBAR But, you know jimmy, he takes every opportunity to make money and he wont ever remove the pass.

Use search bar plz, anyways i agree but the game wants to make money & these CPs dont take up spots of W-CP promos, CACs promote wardens if they are ready, and if there currently arent many active CPs (that will decrease the requirements for w-cp promos) as most rank buyers aren’t active, they dont fill up spots

I agree with blub, the game needs to make money. My idea is to make it so if you buy the CP gamepass there will be a Pop-up explaining everythibg to CPs. For example:

Welcome, CP! Before you can move on to playing we want you to read this letter.

  1. You are required to host at least 3 shifts (with FD+ supervisor) a week. Optionally you can co-host. You need to log hosting in the adminsatration/intel server. If you cannot reach this requirement you can request LOA (leave of absence) in our main server.

  2. Not in both discords yet? Join the intel and communications server on discord!

  3. Do not abuse your admin commands (ref, res, kick, etc)

  4. Do not command people arround just because youre a higher rank.

  5. Have fun!

  • Agree :ballot_box_with_check:

Thats a basic idea that would help people stay their rank as many dont even know what hosting is.