Remove DW/W's Vote Kick power since their VKA report get accepted

Most of Ws and DWs are professional in VK, while only a few of them don’t. Since I play SV, I was kicked just because I killed the DW/W or escape the prison with a keycard many times. I think VK can still exist, but we must cancel the VK power since the DW/W VKA and his/her report is accepted. I think this will be very helpful in SV, and improve the balance of the game. So, the punishment of VKA should change to Gban + trrmination/suspension and cancel the power of VK if they get the rank back again
would be better.

Signed, withoutyou1314 - Chairperson.

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Why Gban??? Its already gban+trrmination/suspension, why would we make the punishment lighter??? If someone VKAs its really easy to report them.

I mean if they get their rank back, they still can’t use vote kick.

Agreed. If someone is VK abusing he shouldn’t have the power to do it after his Gban. Or they can just demote him to prison inspector.

XxYairy - SSI.

That could be more complicated to handle… as another system for vk would be needed to disable it.

Maybe remove DW’s vote kick instead? That way this feature wouldn’t be too tricky to add. A lot of DW vote kicks are abusive.

I got once vked for moving an inmate and asking the DW to just go back to patrol and let me handle my business considering the fact I am a CP
And I was still expected to have a better proof than a photo of the vk itself like yes let me record every millisecond of the time I spend ingame and waste a ton of space.

No, VKing a CP+ is never allowed, you can report him for that

I did the report team legit just said “Sorry not valid”

Weird, VKing a CP+ Is always against the rules and counts as vka

If you want I can send you the transcript.

I got every VKAer I reported terminated, it never got denied.

And like not only did he get my rank word even though it was above my head.
He also made it out to be like i was just abusing my position when trying to avoid transporting a hostile inmated armed with a keycard, knife, glock, m4 towards a group of criminals.

You can just delete your proof after spending your storage space lol

So imagine being online for in a single day roughly 5h just running around and constantly having to start recording again for every minor thing.
Just to catch people then have the report staff complain about it being so long.
Meaning you will have to edit the video just to make them happy.
Then you can move onto deleting it but at that point you already put in extra storage just to have them happy and still risk it being denied.

Appeals staff has a lots of reports & appeals to handle, we really cant spent more then 10 minutes just watching proof.
Also, a reason your report could’ve been denied (idk im just guessing) is bc the user was already punished for it, if its not that then idk

Nope so far i know there was no punishment and i do get they have a lot of reports.
But still if we where going to be forced to record every time we join the game and join the guards team then things are just going to be a lot harder to do the job in general.

Just set your settings to be able to record the past 5/10 mins, it makes it easy to record

Well, you can also record for fun such as memories in your game and save them and watch them again, such as your very first promotion in training, very firdt host for a shift, or such. You dont have to record though! You can start recording when something suspicious starts to happen straight away. I sometimes do that, especially when I use a laggy device.
No matter if the report is denied or not, I most likely get it accepted in videos rather than screenshots as they sometimes show a lack of proof. Recording is the best way to get your report accepted. If there are no Wardens around in the server, then your report likely hasnt been dealt yet, especially in smaller servers around 15-25 minutes.
If you still dont want to record, then I believe you should get someone to help you avoid getting falsely vote kicked. I am mostly active around to help record like 24/7, but sometimes my recording starts to fail when the server is too laggy with high cpu usage.
I hope this will help you.

Got vote kicked by a DW. Because when he was a PI he was cuff abusing and holding people in showers. I warned him and he leveled up. Then kicked me for warning him. I don’t think because of a few people all should suffer.