Remove level 75+ for inspections

Hi, i’m a Warden and i think that the rule that you can be promoted in inspections only if you are lvl 75+ Is crazy for the fact that if i have lost my levels after the reset and due to a bug i couldn’t claim them, i have to play 75 hours to be ranked if i passed.



  1. You could’ve re claimed them in discord
  2. Wardens under level 75 most likely dont know what they’re doing

We want our CP’s to be well trained and make sure that they have knowledge of both the game and have experience in in game situations and scenarios that they need to have. We also should have wardens participate in trainings so that they can be trained in future hostings.

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I know but, as other wardens I’ve lost my levels due to the hacker and now I have to play other 75 hours to be ranked if i pass.

Not all of them. Some lost the rank and know what they are doing

People should not have to play 75 hours to become a chairperson.

I am under lvl 85 and I forgot to reclaim them in discord, but most of the time I know what im doing and I know most of the rules very well and how to run the place, still regret not checking discord for level reclaiming.

Yes they should, they don’t have enough experience if they don’t lfmao

Not completly true. I saw once a lvl 55 wadren who knew perfectly what he was doing, even better than some CP’s.

Yeah, yeah they should, why the hell would we promote someone with barely any time in game to a moderator rank