Remove / Modify BloxCord

So, it’s already like the 10th time that BloxCord kicks me out of the game or tries to teleport me to another game because of me lagging, even tho I didn’t lag at all.
It’s very annoying since it just happens in a row and every time I rejoin I have to use the “unview” command because otherwise i’m viewing my old position before getting kicked.
Or maybe instead of fully removing it you could just simply modify or fix it so that it doesn’t just randomly try and teleport someone to another game for no actual reason.
It has only been happening recently (around this week) but very frequently when I play in game.

I’m not sure if it happens to other people but it’s just very annoying and it ruins the gameplay. Sometimes I switch to another tab to look at youtube and when I switch back to roblox it just kicks me out of the game saying it failed to teleport me or something.

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Okay for real now it’s just driving me mad.
I play 10 minutes normal and I just begin to kill some officers and suddenly BloxCord kicks me out of the game even tho I didn’t lag at all or anything.
This really needs to get fixed please it’s just so annoying when your in the middle of a riot or something and if your getting cuffed people can say your trying to cuff evade or something even tho no, it was just BloxCord who kicked me for no reason.

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Doesn’t bloxcord tell you that you are lagging or your server is being DDoSed or something?

And since you say your not lagging I guess your servers getting DDoSed

I’m not 100% sure you gotta ask 4D_X about it

Bloxcord is still in development… Just be patient if you think there is a bug

I guess. But that’s a lot of DDoS’s a day like more than 30.

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Well, it still makes it unplayeable for me.

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Removing or modifying it would be useful because just a few minutes ago it kicked me and rejoined and got stuck in that loop just because I lagged for a few seconds. therealdeal0333 (Warden)

Please don’t necropost also don’t impersonate + bloxcord is good.