Remove Perm guns and keycard gamepass please

Here’s why.

The perm gamepass for me is so unfair. If that person dead he will spawn again. With one player with perm gamepass can destroy the server.

I know it’s lots of robux to buy but it’s still unfair.
Or in other words It’s Pay2win

Thank you.
-Curse K.

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I really like the idea but ROBLOX cannot refund people. So if they remove it, then people who bought it will be scammed. ROBLOX might ban Stateview High Command or the owner for scamming players.

I think they should remove it so no one else can buy it but the current ones should still have it.

It is a great idea but it would be hard to refund. All users who play Stateview are in the SVP group. It is possible to refund but it would mean tens of thousands of loss of funds to the community. At this point you can’t do anything.

They should make an armory location for the guns so criminals don’t spawn with it

They already have that. And i think they should keep it.

You should try to cuff them, frisk, and put in max/solitary. I do agree that there should be a cooldown like 5 minutes before they get their weapons, to prevent team switching.

Yeah or like at least a system that would make you wait a few minutes after being frisked and arrested even if its 5m its not like that long as each time you get arrested you just get your gun back so it kinda ruins the entire point of frisking the person.

I agree with the replies above, if theres a cooldown if you get frisked the situation would be more controlable, the inmates should still have a chance but sometimes I put somone in max, go back and there is a second one with a gun, I put him there and the other one is back and it starts all over again. I think they should also do a system that saves their cooldown to prevent rejoining if that is possible.