Remove rank gamepasses

Rank game passes are unfair, like 300 bobux for the easiest rank to get?
Plus there’s so much cp abusing and most of them bought the rank. What’s the point of buying the rank if you can earn it? Remove rank game passes for 69 bobux.


I 100 percent agree, but how will the game support itself then?


There are some gamepasses like 2x health or boombox. boombox is better than a useless rank that can u get without paying.

If it is useless, why do you care. Its there problem.


I’d 100 percent agree, for those CP gamepasses.


yea i don’t know but after revemap of quiz is more worth of 300 BOBUX but still not
rank selling is just a cash cow and levels are kinda bad so if you don’t have time you can buy them uhh i guess

I’ve never seen an abusing CP in my 132 hours of playtime, only 1 CP hosting without a supervisor. Most of the people admin abusing have the mod gamepass

Yeah, take out Warden+ gamepasses because they can abuse.


Its not warden+ its cp+ but yeah its just the exact same thing

Hi chilling_men!
I totally agree about that, I saw a Level 4 CP ordering stuff to Wardens that are against game rules. I think for LR-MR, we can keep the gamepasses but for a HR like CP, they should remove it. Aside from that, it is unfair to all the CPs who worked so hard for that position and Wardens who are working a lot to get the rank.

coolgaming_617, Warden

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Yes, this is a very big source of abusing.

I find it hard to think why the SV devs would remove the gamepasses though, because that is their main source of income. (Devs do need to get paid, you know.)

My opinion is make it so that once someone becomes a Warden, they have the option to buy it for 5K Robux if they want it.

This will (hopefully) lessen abuse, as Wardens have worked quite hard for their positions, and sometimes a Warden gets completely ignored by staff even if they assist trainings and attend shifts every day.

Also, they would have to make it so that Wardens who bought the pass for the W rank do not get the option to buy it.

Remove the CO gamepass because it is useless, you can literally get CO for free at the quiz center.


Warden rank is overpriced so I doubt anyone will buy it.

People still buy warden, some buyed CP.

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I have to agree for stateview to remove gamepass ranks because of so many abusers these days in stateview.

Agree to remove this. Needed.

Ye it would be so good but no, Jimmy want money income.

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I agree 100%. It makes people who spend hours in the game get accused of being P2W. They could remove them, and let the people that currently purchased it keep their passes because they already paid. For other passes, there could be cosmetic items like car skins, gun skins, things that are nice to have but don’t give you unfair advantages.

Lmao that wouldn’t give the devs much momey