Remove some privileges for cadet officers

so the reason i’m saying this is because cadet officer is an easy rank to get (like come on you don’t even need any braincells to get it) and a lot of cadets these days abuse their privileges
so, i would suggest the following:

  1. remove firearms from cadets (including gamepass), this is because cadets keep random killing
  2. make it so that cadets can’t cuff inmates for longer than a minute to prevent constant cuff abuse
  1. That is a bad idea
  2. That is a good idea but it may take longer than a minute to get between some areas

why is number 1 a bad idea, i always see cadets killing with guns
also, playing 2 hours to get corrections officer is not that hard, and sessions exist to get promoted
maybe a minute is not enough time so like 2 minutes

All cadets hould be banned :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Cadets are annoying i agree, but they are just still learing about the community and the game and how to level up and all of that. It’s nest to tell them first.

Just add basic cadet training tbh because they can learn all basic info about SV

Chairperson Tommy (now fd)


They should not be able to enter the the the command room unless theres no ERT+ ingame.:dotted_line_face:

Yes! This is a great idea, I have seen a lot of abuse we should not allwoed them to put inmates in max, even restrict ERT and below to open CR gates. Along with that only DW should be able to toogle lockdown and we should add vote kick for SI+ as there was one for DW+, a long time back. I believe there would not be any absue if an SI would take responsible action. (they should make a logging system in which you need to log votekicks in the discord server)

Cadets are dumb, most of them make up the player count of SV. So we need to give them guns to keep them entertained or addicted.