Remove the CO and ERT team limit or just increase it


  1. It’s useless.
  2. No reason to exist.
  3. If there’s a limit, you can’t always get in a session unless an HR teams you. (That’s if you even make it to the session room)
  4. Did I mention that it’s useless?
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Well it’s so that you don’t have 30 officers for 5 inmates… The objective of the game is to be a roleplay, so you need to have a balance between both teams.

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It would be nice if it had a dynamic cap like scp roleplay

Yeah but my main issue is that it interferes with sessions a lot as you have to try and get to the session room to actually get teamed, so they could just disable limits while there’s a session idk

this has been suggested before, we all agree but execs dont change it so yh

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also having a centillion ert would be stupid, keeping ert capped but removing corr team limit would be better

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how many ■■■■■■■ times do I have to say this.

Team limits = Balance
no team limit = 44 cops, 1 inmate.

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I would still have them dynamic.
Because with few players in a server the limits don’t work anymore.

if that was the case, wouldnt every server have 13 COs and 7 ERTs because, by your logic, everyone would be a cop
only around 5% of the servers i join have full limits, and most of them is because theres a session hosted in the server

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Making it “dynamic” means that if inmates were to leave, the cap would be exceeded disrupting roleplay. It’s more practical to have a fixed team cap.