Remove the phone verification for the administration server

Hello! I want to remove that kind of verification because i do not like sharing personal info with third party sites. I just do not feel safe. Can you remove it. it makes me feel a lot better and it is easier for people to become a CP+. Because you cannot report people if you have no phone verification. And make it so that they must verify with Bloxlink before talking and can only verify with Bloxlink on one account. Also add a rule that the Discord user must match the Roblox user. If not, you can add a bot to perm ban them. They also have to be in the group and be a CO+ to be able to enter. Otherwise, they will be pbanned until the status updates.


no, it helps stop raids by alts.

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Look at the new edits I made to the post.

Hmm, that makes sense and can be usefull

Your discord username has to be the same as your roblox username? I’m sorry but if you mean your standard discord name (which you have in every server until you change it) its an stupid idea as nobody is going to change their discord user just for 1 server.

At least their nickname must be the same. They can change their nickname instead of real user.

Discord is a trusted site, so you shouldn’t be worried about using your phone number, the mods on the servers and other users can’t see the number only you and discord staff who are their to protect your privacy.

This Suggest was So Good
This Verify was Make Stopping Report People.

No, people could just mass report in troll tickets

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